Friday, January 07, 2011

as my thoughts turn to seeds..

lovely..throught the post comes the Organic Gardening catalogue, prompting dreams of spring and planting seeds. I am positive last year that I took good stock of what I had, what I needed and what I wanted......hmmm....
so there is the catalogue, at the back of a rather overful box, used and unused seeds......
so before any ordening is done this must be sorted!
I am trying to 'de-clutter' the house in general, there is 'too much stuff'. there are several blogs out on ideas for minimising, de-cluttering, donating, giving away, throwing out....such as 365 days and miss minimalist

I have managed to fill three bags to take to the second hand store, but due to my second hand car still being out of action they are still cluttering up my bedroom.....I really find it hard not having a car, can't get to the pony(annoying everybody for lifts), can't get to work(either early or late but never on time---and having several five mile walks due to consistent breakdown of buses), can't get for a big shop(too heavy to carry home).

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Madcap said...

It seems like everything "needs" a car, doesn't it?

I love getting rid of stuff too. It feels wonderful to clear space and see... nothing! I should try to do some more of that this weekend.

gfid said...

it seems so much easier to bring stuff in than to take it out, doesn't it? i'm looking forward to seeing what you grow this year. i hope the car gets fixed soon. 5 mile walks are a grind even when they're voluntary, in good weather!

clairesgarden said...

Madcap, am still looking at the seeds, from a distance....
I didn't always have a car..perhaps I used to live a simpler life?
GF, no more stuff allowed in!! er...well maybe a few things...oops!!

bridget said...

Seems like all our minds are on the same track at the moment. Did the big clear out last week and the seed sorting was done yesterday. Love your blog.

WILDSIDE said...


SEEDS ARE NOT CLUTTER! (My blinders are on...)

Oooh, must send all those *%$#xyz catalogues that keep coming straight to recycling!

Yes, life used to be simplier -- I used to be simplier!

Have a good day, Claire! Enjoy your seeds.

Cat said...


This is the barefoot rehab blog I was talking about.

bonnie said...

Claire, can I ask you for a favor?

I have a friend who lost his wife to a riding accident last year. I think it would've been understandable if he'd never wanted to see another horse again, but on the contrary, he's had the far more beautiful response of committing himself, in her memory, to the care and well being of her sweet Haeflinger (did I spell that right?), Charm, and right now, to trying to win a grant for a handicapped riding program that she was involved in.

That's where I'm hoping you can help! The grants are awarded based on votes, with the top 10 programs being awarded money. The riding program keeps being stuck at 11!

Unfortunately there is a registration involved (usually I won't vote if I have to give info but I made an exception for this one) - but I was wondering if you would mind voting, and even better if you had a circle of horsy friends to whom you could pass the word?

Thanks for whatever you can do. I would LOVE to see these guys make the jump to #10!

bonnie said...

bah, trying the link again...

clairesgarden said...

Bridget, thankyou!!
Wildside, seeds sorted...mostly!! I'm not sure I agree with 'use by' dates..
Cat, cheers for that, they're very interesting.
Bonnie, its on the blog, Parelli, Quantum Savvy and Facebook. and just going to put it on TAS as I've just remembered them!!

Esmeralda Migliore said...

That's hard, but I know the feeling of not having a car. I used to have a car that I use to do many things like, fetching my daughter from school, shopping and even used it to visit my mom during weekends. And also, like you've said, it's really nice sorting things out and throwing out most of the unused or overused stuff.

clairesgarden said...

EM, I am thankful that my car is now working and my days are shorter, my house is a bit tidier and I am doing good with not buying 'more'.