Monday, January 24, 2011

charity does not cost you money

I recieved this today from my friend Bonnie in New York...perhaps we could give a bit of help it does not cost anything for you to vote. perhaps we could all help out with this?

"Claire, can I ask you for a favor?

I have a friend who lost his wife to a riding accident last year. I think it would've been understandable if he'd never wanted to see another horse again, but on the contrary, he's had the far more beautiful response of committing himself, in her memory, to the care and well being of her sweet Haeflinger (did I spell that right?), Charm, and right now, to trying to win a grant for a handicapped riding program that she was involved in.
That's where I'm hoping you can help! The grants are awarded based on votes, with the top 10 programs being awarded money. The riding program keeps being stuck at 11!
Unfortunately there is a registration involved (usually I won't vote if I have to give info but I made an exception for this one) - but I was wondering if you would mind voting, and even better if you had a circle of horsy friends to whom you could pass the word? Thanks for whatever you can do. I would LOVE to see these guys make the jump to #10! "


bonnie said...

Oh, thank you SO much! This is wonderful!

bonnie said...

Oh my, this is fabulous, I just checked in over there and they're up to 10th place, which is in the money! I'm stealing my own comment for a post on my own blog.

Madcap said...

I tossed my vote in - hth!

bonnie said...

Thanks, Madcap!

Still at #10 this morning, hurrah!

Oops, so much for my new year's resolution to stop abusing exclamation points.

Oh well, it's for a good cause, right?!!!!


clairesgarden said...

thanks MC! lets exclaim for more votes!! I just realised you can go back everyday and vote again!!

susan said...

I voted too so let's hope they stay in the running.

gfid said...

you got my vote. we have a similar program in our area. it's brilliant!

an archaic definition of charity is 'love'. no material goods involved.

bonnie said...

Thank you all SO much!

I'm so glad I came to Claire!

clairesgarden said...

thanks everybody!

clairesgarden said...

whoohooo!!! they have reached up to number nine now!!

once registered or if you already registerd with facebook you can vote again once aday up till the end of january, help keep them in the running please, its such a good cause.

thank you all for voting.


bonnie said...


I've been voting every day too. Absolutely lovely to see them up at #9!

HORIZON said...

So glad to see you still blogging- l'm back out of hibernation. Had some sad times, some happy times too. I hope you stay in the top 10! Will enjoy catching up with your posts. Bests

bonnie said...

Oh shoot.

11th place, in the end.

But thank you and all your friends for joining me in trying to make this happen!

clairesgarden said...

sorry Bonnie, I really hoped they would stay in the running to recieve some money.