Thursday, February 18, 2010

starting to get spring fever

greenhouse glass washed inside and out, so you can see right through now! it was a warm enough day yesterday to get this done, I think its still a bit cold to start planting but I'll probably start fairly soon. my seed order has arrived and the garden plan made.
and the snowdrops are out, they tend to be closed tight in the freezing mornings and open out a bit as the day goes on. its forecast to be really cold this weekend.
the underneath view of a double snowdrop, very pretty.
the helleborus are still not fully open, pretty to look at the undeneath though, like the snowdrops.


gfid said...

this is what February SHOULD look like. still all white here, but the sun is strong here these days, with some real warmth. we sat just below the freezing point for most of the day, a treat. i have my tomato seeds bought, and some compressed earth pellets to start them in. got my shelf with the built in grow lights back from friends, and have got the heat mats in the mail. St Paddy's is usually my tomato starting day. can't wait! i'm going to ask a carpenter friend to build me a greenhouse from windows i'll get at my ReStore as soon as the snow is gone from the yard of my townhouse. happy spring!

WILDSIDE said...

Only starting to get spring fever?!?

Love that Hellebore! You've got a good eye for details, Claire.

Not seen any snow drops yet...

La Belette Rouge said...

What gorgeous blooms!

And thanks for your encouragement over at Phantsythat. I appreciate it.:-)

tlchang said...

I always love seeing what's blooming at your end of the world.

I'm toying with putting in a small (like 4 feet by 8 feet) polycarbonate greenhouse in the backyard -but am a little daunted by my ignorance of the upkeep requirements... I read about you washing all your panels yearly - do you have to do much more to yours to keep it up?

susan said...

I live in Portland, OR where Spring arrived even earlier than usual this year. It's a magical season, isn't it? I hope you enjoy every moment of a long and gentle one.

allhorsestuff said...

Mee too...from Portland Oregon area!
Spring has SPRUNG here, though it still does remain in the 30's overnights.
Thanks for stoppin' by my horsey place Claire!

Yesss, taking the camera on rides is a drinking water or having my breaches on!
See ya soon!