Tuesday, February 09, 2010

goodbye old friend

picture taken at the caravan garden in 2004.May supervises my weeding
my gardening friend May died this morning, she's not been well for a long time. she was a very big source of my gardening knowlege and a big donator of some beautiful plants. she'll be able to watch me weeding from her gardening heaven now. I wrote of her before in this previous post on May's gardens


Kerri said...

Claire, sending a hug and condolences on the loss of your dear gardening friend. Her knowledge will live on in you, as will her plants in your garden.
I'm always so amazed at how early spring comes to the UK. Lucky you to have snowdrops opening buds already!
Love that twisted hazel.
The horses are beautiful, as are your photos.

WILDSIDE said...

Nice that you have had such a friend... Hugs to you!

WILDSIDE said...

"...and if you are looking at a large space for 'conversion' into a fabulous space, remember one plant will grow, and fill a larger area than you imagined! its worth waiting for!!"

Ah, that ever elusive patience!

(I went and read the earlier post about May's gardens you wrote!)

Alison Dyer said...

So very sad to lose dear friends. But I think there's a special bond that continues because you are both gardeners and close to the earth. Caretakers of the earth cannot be separated.

susan said...

My mother grew a lovely garden once she retired and there are plants that always remind me of her. Of course, most days something reminds me of her. Condolences and may you have peace in the knowledge that she'll have an even more beautiful garden to show you someday.