Thursday, March 04, 2010

spring is not quite here....yet

wrapped up four seed trays of onions, planted a couple of days ago. they may be some time coming up...I usually do them round about christmas or new year.......onions may be small this year then! under the yellow wrap(old daffodil bag) are spring onions. there are also three small pots of carrots for an early treat off to the right. I think I might start tomatoes and some other things in the house now, its getting on in time(indeed it never stops and sometimes runs quick?)and I don't want things to be too far behind for the growing season. I also might put some potatoes in buckets into the greenhouse this weekend.
the greenhouse min/max themometer this morning showing a low of -5C and a high for yesterday of 18C, I did leave the greenhouse door open during yesterday and its open today. the only problem with manual opening and closing is that I will not be home from work till 10pm and it will be below freezing by then, the onion seeds will just have to cope.
its a stunning morning, went for a short ride on Abbey just to practise opening and closing gates. her bed, and night feed and hay, is all ready for Fiona to bring her in tonight.


BernieH said...

I bet it feels good to have something started after such a long cold winter. Here's hoping those onions come through!

WILDSIDE said...

Fingers crossed for you here too!

Lynn said...

I'm a bad gardener. I don't have one seed planted. We've had somewhere around 45 inches of snow since December. It won't go away and the Old Farmer's Almanac says we could have 40 more!
I suppose I should start something under lights. Maybe I should take some vitamin D? ;)

kate smudges said...

It's good to see your greenhouse again. I wish that I had one. Sorry to hear that May died ~ I remember you writing about her. Abbey must be a wonderful horse to ride.

clairesgarden said...

Bernie, I am impatient to start more...but its too cold really.
Wildside, hopefully the greenhouse wil be overflowing soon!
Primrozie, it can all be very weather dependant, that does not make a bad gardener!
Hi Kate, nice to see you again!