Friday, January 30, 2009

an hour of weeding

my first snowdrop appears under the hedge
and my new gardening gloves get their first outing, they were a present at christmas
these leaves have been growing since last year, I haven't the faintest idea what it is. I did plant it but can't remember if it had a name or was a gifted 'bit'
closer to the centre, you can see the furry leaves
closer in still.....
thats the gloves officially part of the garden


transitionyourlife said...

The gloves now show your toil and labor! You are an early inspiration to us all!

Kerri said...

Oh, now stop! Don't be showing me snowdrops, green plants, dirt and new gardening gloves (nice!) this early, thank you very much! Here we are under several feet of snow...and months to go until spring! But we did have brilliant sunshine and a high of 43º (6.11C) today. Haven't seen temps that high in quite a while. It felt good!
Lucky you digging in the dirt :)

Anonymous said...

hi claire. i got the calendar already. i love it! thank you very much! God bless. ♥

gfid said...

i'm green with envy, at the glimpses of green in your garden already. i'm sure i can smell the earth if i lean close enough to my computer screen. the mystery plant looks a bit like some perennial oriental poppies i had once.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Nothing like that around here. We got inch of snow this morning.

Coffee is on.

bonnie said...

40's (fahrenheit) yesterday & today. Had a wonderful snow hike with TQ up in CT yesterday. No snow left here in Brooklyn but we've got a nor'easter coming in tomorrow to take care of that.

Lovely pictures as always.

Hence, tag, you're it!

clairesgarden said...

TYL, they were nice gloves to use, they'll see a lot of use!
Kerri, less than 24hrs later it was all under snow here too, its melted today but its freezing.
Pia, glad it arrived safely!
GF, I vaugley remember something about poppies, hmmm, it'll be a nice surprise!
Dora, you must have sent your inch of snow here too!! its evening now so I have the wine out!
Bonnie, your a hardy soul! interesting tag!

Lowa said...

Love the gloves, they are nice and dirty now. I don't garden at all but want to try my shot at it this coming spring. I just have no idea where to start in my mess of a yard!

I like the "fur" on that plant!

Anonymous said...

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