Sunday, November 02, 2008

winter time

Katie in her new winter coat.
"winter time" seems to have arrived promptly on top of the swift autumn wet, following the summer wet. we have had some stunning weather this week, freezing cold and bright sunshine. wrap up warm and be glad of the blue skys!!
I realise I don't update the blog as often as I used to, and while it started off mainly as a gardening diary it seems to have become more of a log for my journey with horses. mostly the weather is to blame as it really has been too wet this year to garden much, and half the time I will not even take my camera out with me so it does not get ruined in the bad weather. horses do not care what the weather is like and demand to be fed every day so you cannot put it off!
the lack of posts is also due to a lack of time, since last winter I have been working at two jobs, the receptionist post and the horses at weekends. so life is a bit full and not always nice. difficultys with office hours and office people are never ending, also there seems to be some 'subterfuge' happening, where there are factions and side and secrets? there is a very strange atmosphere. I can only long for financial security and the opportunity to have dirty fingernails all the time, and its really difficult to find a nail brush that will get that weekend dirt out!!
today I have a rare day to myself and its a beautiful day, so the I'm off into the frosty garden to see what jobs can be done today, the camera can come out too so hopefully a post soon with some plants in it.


Anonymous said...

Life's a juggling act.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the day! (I know you will.)

peppylady (Dora) said...

It easy blame things on the weather I sure use it as an excuse.

Your horse looks good in that color.

Coffee is on.

clairesgarden said...

Fh2o, it is becoming more so, love your kayak blog!
Wildside, I did, it was nice to get some clearing up done, the cats came out and helped too.
Dora, she is pretty in blue, it stands out in the field, the weather has really not been too good this year, I do't think I've been too good either.

tlchang said...

It is hard when we are adversely affected by less-than-optimal weather (your seasons sounded much like ours this year). Since we are in the full swing of the Pacific Northwest fall/winter weather (grey, wet, chilly. For months on end) - anytime the sun does briefly peek through is a time for rejoicing!

And I know how it is that one's blog content ebbs and flows - when I'm not working (illustrating), mine seems to be all about the garden, and when I *am* working, I can rarely post what I am actually working on - but I'm not gardening much either, so I end up posting Youtube videos instead... :-p

Good luck with all.

Kerri said...

Claire, it's good to catch up on your doings.
The winter came on suddenly here too, and it's been hard to get used to the cold after such a lovely autumn. Today was frigid, with a bitter wind, and we had a funeral to attend. Not happy reason for a gathering, but the company was pleasant, and the food was delicious.
I enjoy both your gardens and your horsey loves..and just your everyday chatter, so whatever and whenever you post is fine! I hope things improve at work. Thank heavens the horses are easy to be around...with them, what you see is what you get :)
And they're handsome to boot!

clairesgarden said...

Tara, swinging between freezing and plain cold here..... also less posting because I don't want to take my poor camera out in this weather. maybe I should trawl my large photo file(now over 6oGB and needing to buy more storage!!)and post some of those.
Kerri, horses have moods too, but not as much as we seem to at the office!! also its easier to get the horse to be happy, one polo mint is all it takes...