Friday, November 28, 2008

barefoot in the snow

just a barefoot baby horse.....I had my wellies on!!!


Michael said...

What fun to see you've got enough snow to leave tracks! It's been snowing here, but keeps melting and then raining.

Anonymous said...

I read the title and was saying: BRRRR!

Glad to hear you had your wellies on!

gfid said...

there's just something about barefoot babies that's impossible to resist.... and warm feet are right up there too.

peppylady (Dora) said...

When I was young an foolish I went out in the snow in my bare feet.

Coffee is on.

clairesgarden said...

Michael, that snow melted but we've some today that has stayed, and its really freezing.
Wildside, thick socks and good wellies. wee baby horse doesn't feel the cold!
GF, if my feet are warm the rest of me is okay too, cold feet and I'm not right at all!!
Dora, I probably did when I was young too, its probably something you get used to, just now I am used to being warm and wanting to keep it that way!!

Kerri said...

Love those baby hoof prints :) How cute.
My feet are very cold sitting here tonight. I need to go and get a blanket!
How nice to find those borage blooms and beautiful berries in late November. My garden is mostly black, white and brown now. Not very exciting.

Matron said...

That is such fun! I keep seeing doggy footprints in the mud when we go out walking...maybe I will follow your lead!

clairesgarden said...

Kerri, think thats the first time Sapphire has been out in the snow, she is 18 months old.
I can't stand having cold feet so wellies and thick socks ar essential!
Matron, doggy footprints would be cool!!

hesitant scribe said...

I'mnot sure if it's possible to have cute pics of foot-prints, but if so, this is it,