Wednesday, April 16, 2008

todays flowers

vinca, growing in a pot
tulips also in a pot, intended for the doorstep but I think they're too big to sit on the doorstep

primula gold lace, its about the size of my thumbnail.
this double primula has lost its name, it looks a bit pink on the pc screen but in 'real life' its a deep red.
primula guineve giving a good show
a white fritillary, this is in a pot on the doorstep. you can just see the checkerboard marks.
a lovely 'snakeshead' frit. I love these when they open with their checkerboard markings.


Anonymous said...

Looks like we have the same tulips going on about now!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Once again your flowers are beautiful. I was at wal mart and look though there gardening section didn't pick up anything.
I told my hubby that I would just buy the basic which was a goof thing I sure spent enough.

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, the tulips are quiet things, suddenly bursting into colour and reminding me they're there.
Peppylady, its not good to shop for plants when you are on a budget! I often go over mine....

Anonymous said...

Again, Claire, I love these photos of your flowers. You sure have a lot of different ones to show us each year. One of my dreams is to come to Scotland one day and visit you and your garden.

On Monday I'm getting a parrot. I'll be birdie sitting it for 3 months, and if I fall in love with it, I'll be keeping it, haha. I'm also getting a cockatiel that a different friend is giving to me. Not sure yet the exact day he'll be moving in here. I have to do some major work to fit all these cages into my living room. I already have several cages in here... 1 with 2 budgie birds, 1 with a rabbit, 3 each with 1 chinchilla and then 1 with 2 chinchillas. So, that's 6 cages so far, with 2 more on the way... sigh.


Anonymous said...

Oh ya.... I bought 2 mini roses the other day. One at the nursery just across the lake from my place, and one in town at Wal Mart. Both are beautiful. One red, one a bright pink. Will have to take and post some pics of them, I guess, haha.

clairesgarden said...

Alice, what a houseful of animals! look forward to seeing your roses!!

gfid said...

despite the horizontal sleet here, and howling winds of the past 2 days, i haven't given up hope of spring... thanks, largely to your delicious pictures. i'm toasting you over afternoon tea

clairesgarden said...

GF, aarrghh.... sleet.... noooooooo!!!!!!!