Monday, November 05, 2007


it seems a shame to take ou thte sugar-snap pea plant when it is still producing nice flowers. the few peas it has produed recently have been quite bitter, not enough sunshine
and the main part of the plant is milldewed and dying back, so out it came. I also took out the runner bean plants.
and tidying round produced some hidden veggies, potatoes, little turnips and a carrot. thats dinner sorted then!


grannyfiddler said...

my mouth is watering. i'm sure i can almost smell a hearty stew simmering.... i must be downwind of Scotland today.

things are so green in your garden still! no sign of green left here... even the evergreen trees darken and take on a gloomy leaden tone as the cold settles its skirts, finding a comfy place to spend the next eternity... or is it only 5 months?

Wildside said...

Your potatoes look oh so delicious!!!

Lynn said...

Don't ya just love it?! Walk out to the garden and bring in dinner! Your harvest looks yummy. I have a few potatoes too that will become homefries in the morning.

Thanks for stopping by!

LoveAppleFarm said...

I love finding hidden treasures in the garden, particularly potatoes. It's also great fun to see potatoes sprouting in the compost pile. Once I harvested a whole stew's worth of potatoes that had formed quite nicely in the compost.

Gary said...

That carrot looks as big as your previous pumpkin! Nice photos, I like the clinging dirt.

clairesgarden said...

Grannyfiddler, veggy stew all finished. hopefully some things stay green all winter. if they don't get drowned. . .
Wildside, very nice potatoes, think they are Romano
Primrozie, lovely salad all summer, now only a few things left to eat in the freezer, I miss the gardens bounty!
Cynthia, its amazing where potatoes will grow, I had a couple of surprise ones from underneath the gooseberry bush!
Gary, think you're right there, its not often I miss a carrot in the garden, I like them so much!

Kerri said...

Yum, red potatoes are my favourite, especially fresh from the garden.
I'll bet that veggie stew hit the spot!