Saturday, November 03, 2007

food for the birds

if you look carefully you can just see a wee Robin hiding behind the bird table
I've put some food out in case he comes back
freeze dried mealy worms, yuck
I have also recently put up three seed feeders, all the birds seem to profer them to the peanuts.


Anonymous said...

Please come back, robin!

Yours are such cuties compared to ours! (And should say I am quite fond of ours!)


peppylady (Dora) said...

I think I would prefer peanuts over mealy worms. Oh I'm positive that I would like to eat peanuts.

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, I like all the wee birdies. unfortuatey I like cats too and they are not always a good combination.
Peepylady, I am in complete agreement with you there!

Wildside said...

Just checking in again!

tlchang said...

Yes - I try to keep my cat collared with big BELLS to give the birds a better chance of avoiding them.

They seem to like sunflower seeds best (but I've never attempted mealy worms. Am not sure I'm that I'm that committed to my birds...)

Anonymous said...

Oh Yuummmmm, freeze dried mealy worms, don't those look delicious. Haha. What is a robin doing there in the fall?? We only get them in spring and summer.

Kerri said...

Your robins are very cute and pretty. Ours are nice too, but yours are cuter :)
Hope he comes back.
Mealy worms attract bluebirds over here, if we're lucky, but we've never tried them. Can you buy them in the store or do you order them online?
Yep, they definitely don't look appetizing.