Thursday, November 15, 2007

meme, but cheating?

I have been tagged to do the random eight meme by Diane, but as I've done it recently and again before that I am just going to leave links.


Wildside said...

Lovely photo again -- and links, a good reminder of who you are!

Anonymous said...

Is that Robbie all wrapped up in a blanket? Looks wonderful. I love this shot. You are a talented photographer, Claire.

I'll go read those meme's now... follow the 'yellow brick road', or should I say the 'blue electronic road', and read what you wrote. I think I've read at least one before, but must go check, lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm back. I've read both the memes before, and it was nice to read them again.

I love your cow mug as she is just so cute, and I collect cow stuff. That plate of fresh picked veg looks so good. The store bought ones just don't taste the same. I agree... if you are going to plant, do it organically. Maybe I'll try a very small patch next spring. I've heard that you start small and build up each year. I'll maybe try that.

Unknown said...

Claire, I'm glad you stopped by and now I've had a chance to visit you in Scotland! You're the first UK blog I've added to my list of links, which is odd. I take it from reading the posts that the horses aren't all yours, but is one of them? I have a fat, happy and very personable Morgan named Leggo who is just one of the best guys on the planet. I only ride Western now because my knees don't like my English saddle or seat!
I'll be back to visit regularly! Slainte, jodi

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, linkd because i couldn't think of any more things.
Alice, that is Robbie, keeping cosy. you know that mug lost its handle recantly, sad, it held a good big dose of coffee.
Jodi, no horses mine. but they all hold my heart.