Wednesday, September 13, 2006

tidying up

these were origionally meant to be like windmills, going round in the wind on their little stakes, but the stakes broke so they have have become colourful decorations to hang.
bare earth begins to appear as things finish their season and are cleared away. I made stew with the last of the sugar snap peas from this spot, the last of the broad beans from behind the little fence, turnips, string beans, onions , leeks, potatoes, courgettes, a hot pepper and some tomatoes. it might be the last 'totally from the garden' meal of the year.
and I need to find a ladybird to help clear up the greenfly on the last of the sweet peas.


Stuart said...

Horrid little pests aren't they. Have you found that Ladybird yet?

clairesgarden said...

think the ladybirds are all hiding away from the rain today!