Thursday, September 14, 2006

flowers and a dog.



up late tonight as I have just been to collect a friends dog to have to stay for the weekend. the cats are not pleased but Cara is a nice wee thing and is running away from them so they are quite pleased with themselves for being so fierce, poor dog!


Granny said...

Thanks for the comment.

The legal cat limit is 4 (without a kennel license). New cat isn't around this morning so may have found his way home.

Cats love to go visiting and that may be what "Max" was doing.

I'm guilty of feeding them and I'm sure they spread the word among themselves.

Simply Living said...

Great to share a dog for the weekend, they are such fun

Love your gardening photos.

I always think that the astrantia looks rather ordinary and underwhelming in a flower border, but on close inspection it is delightful - and even better in a flower arrangement - but I can't bear to cut mine.

clairesgarden said...

Granny, I dont think we need a license here at all, I find two enough.
Simply Living, the astrantia does bear up to a close up, I think I have a red one as well but it seems not to have flowered, they are both new this year, from cuttings.