Saturday, January 07, 2006


I need to get a winter hobby! I want to be outside doing the garden. this photograph was taken in march 2004, it is the part of my friends garden which I am using to grow veggies in until my garden is finished(its never going to be finished!). that year it was planted with peas and beans under the long strip of fleece, carrots and onions uder the two poly cloches and i think it was broccoli under the small square of fleece. I had turned the area over in ocotber 03 and left it covered with a layer of manure and covered with black menbrane. the garden is walled and very sheltered and their soil is amazing, the house is over a 100yrs old and was used for a long time a proper cultivated vegetable garden, the raised bricks in the background of the photograph used to have a large wooden greenhouse on it, I have only seen a photgraph of it because it was taken away years ago. its not used at all and the garden is not "gardened" at all now apart from "my" bit, there is a mad aunty who comes every dry day there is and weeds all the beds, so there is nothing growing , only bare soil everywhere, I tried to put some perenial geraniums in the border behind the veggies but she hoed them constantly till they gave up. bah humbug. in contrast my garden is open to the wind and the gaze of all passers by, I try to have every bit with something growing even is only grass and weeds, after all they will contribute to the compost when I get around to weeding.


Wildside Musing said...

Claire, I understand your impatience re: the garden! It is something I often feel and battle here too; however, it always seems regardless of weather, there is something to do!

clairesgarden said...

indeed! there is always something to do! after I had grumped about it I bundled on all my clothes then went out and removed grass and topsoil where I am wanting to put in a path of stones, so its ready now for when it stops freezing to lay concrete and brick sides, I also took 3 barrows of a neighbors unwanted compost into another neighbors garden where I keep her children a flower bed to put seeds in.