Thursday, January 05, 2006

feeding the birds

I love to watch birds coming to the feeder, mainly house sparrows, chaffinches, an occasional robin, blackbirds, starlings. I pile mixed bird seeds on this table and hang peanuts and fat/seed balls from the clothes poles. I also make sure there is unfrozen water every day. Unfortuntley last year some houses down the street pulled out all their mature hedges and I have noticed a decrease in birds visiting my garden, I have limited shelter so there is nowhere for them to live/nest/hide from the cat. I am unable to photograph them as the camera will not take a close enough photo from the window and if I am outside the cats are too and the birdies take sensible flight. I keep trying to photograph the robin who always comes close up for worms when I am digging manure at the farm, still too far away for a decent shot or if he comes in close I don't have the camera with me. One day I will, also I would love to tape the birdsongs at the farm, nice and noisy!


Wildside Musing said...

Tee Hee!!! That photo is certainly worth a chuckle!!!

clairesgarden said...

I like it too, she looks contented , which is much better than the scared thing she was when she arrive here from the cat home.