Saturday, November 02, 2019

leaves, a lot

I've had a couple of leaf collecting sessions, not to tidy up but to add them to the compost and to feel they aren't being wasted. The tree has hardly any left now, I will try to remember to take a couple of photos with the little camera.
I sometimes feel I have no inspiration/imagination left, which is sad as I used to love to take photo's and post them on here. The lack of a decent camera does not help , though its said a good workman does not blame his tools? I just don't think you get as good a photograph with the little compact and there are no funds for better.
There have been fireworks nearly every night for two weeks now, last night they were still going off near midnight and tonight they have started from half five, Casper is hiding in the desk cupboard again.

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WILDSIDE said...

Tired, tired days these days. Been feeling guilty all week of not raking all the leaves from the shared driveway -- but we've a 1/4 mile and lots of trees with falling leaves... Not a good enough excuse because the road will definitely suffer, but being tired is... (!) Within reason, give yourself a break, I say... But you will appreciate all those composted leaves later!

What are your fireworks for, Claire? We have ours in both July and January... And they make me tired too!

If I still have it somewhere, I'm contemplating sending you the camera I used for blogging... But then it's pretty simple and old technology. Would you be interested?