Sunday, October 20, 2019

many miles to go

the lovely Quince with her rosette for taking part in ''September Miles'', about once a year friends get together ''online'' , we log our riding miles for the month and then we have rosettes for it. I think last year we did a whole years worth, and one of the other ladies got the rosettes for us.
I had a nice afternoon collecting leaves in the garden yesterday, not that I would ever be able to clear them all up, they fall faster than you could rake... I got a good amount and added them into the compost, it won't be just leaf mould as its a mixed bin for now.  Today was so windy a lot of the leaves have blown off the tree and even the ones on the ground have blown away , so I was glad I made the effort to do something yesterday.
Also yesterday, I took Quince out just a short walk, riding, as she's had more than a week off recovering from a couple of swollen legs from a kicking match in the field, horses will be horses...... she had a Photonic Redlight treatment, which is an amazing thing , she's had a couple of treatments over the last two years, how it works I don't know, but it does.


WILDSIDE said...

It is nice you have this...
Hope your day is going well today.

WILDSIDE said...

Hi Claire, I've now got it set up so where I can see whenever you update so won't need to seem so busy-body, checking back in all the time tho' I still might... I do hope you continue to regularly update! As I want to see how it goes for you. (Despite my hypocriticalness of attempting to have a private blog now... Online becoming a lonely place.)

Just so you know? Not just me, but we both are finding it hard to keep up with our former energetic selves and what we thought we'd accomplish in a lifetime!

Hmmm... SLEEP. good (LOL?)

clairesgarden said...

yes tired. lots of ideas but too much going on to get on with them. x

WILDSIDE said...

Hear! Hear! meaning: Here! Here! meaning: Well said. That's just about how I feel but can't entirely know what you must be going through there -- can only guess at.

I hope your day goes well. One day at a time? But sometimes that seems too much, so I cut it down into moments to enjoy if we possibly can. But as a planner, I am thinking days, years in advance sometimes! Or trying to. And run into problems with!

Hang in there, Claire, and try to get some good sleep whenever you can.