Saturday, March 28, 2015

there's always light somewhere


Bless dear friends, near and far,

Today I am grateful for
good friends
a hot bath
a warm place to sleep


gfid said...

Here's to the light, and a lighter load for you... Abbey close at hand, and generous appreciation and remuneration for your hard work and gentle skills.

clairesgarden said...

bless you. xx

susan said...

and I'm going to wish for you a better place to live and work in the very near future. You deserve far better, dear Claire.

WILDSIDE said...

here, hear or hear, hear?

agreed with susan there.

and hopes above with gfid...

take care, Claire.

so hard. do your best.

but take care of you too.

saying these things, not sure if right to or not.

clairesgarden said...

things being sorted. will update when I can. I miss the internet!!

susan said...

I think of you and Abby often. I hope you're both well.