Saturday, March 15, 2014

flowers to add cheer.....

Cheerful bulbs in a pot, sitting at the caravan doorstep. I though they might all get blown away today but they're fine!
Having 'moved' a lot of my activity on the internet to facebook I find that I can't really be 'me' on facebook, that it becomes a very public thing, people who come to where I work as customers, my boss and her family.
I find facebook a great way to keep in touch with a lot of people, my family included!! Its great for oraganising things and not getting missed out.
However I am returning to  my blog with any of my opinions, not so much that they are out of order but because not everybody needs to know them.
I practice smiling in front of a mirror.
and still today four different people who know me outside of the workplace came up to me and said I looked exhausted and  miserable. I apologised and said that wasn;t what I wanted to convey to people when I was at work.
but that was today, tired out and sad.


susan said...

It's funny that not all that long ago having a blog was about as public as a person could get. Not since the advent of facebook, though. Not only have I never been tempted, but I've been lucky too in not having had it forced on me as a way to keep up with family. Mine is so old fashioned we still send cards and letters, as well as making the occasional phone call.

I'm glad you're back and I really admire your lovely pot of crocus. It's still a bit too early for them here.

clairesgarden said...

yes its a funny thing the internet... i did join fb specifically to keep up with events as i kept getting left out... but it kind of takes over and has a fascination about it.

bonnie said...

First few crocuses turning up here too, although last night was another Great-grandma's-quilt night. I've taken to using on some of the really cold nights we had this winter. Was always sort of afraid to use it before cause it's An Antique And An Heirloom but it was just sitting in the closet and one very icy night I just thought "This is ridiculous, quilts are supposed to be used".

Spring's on the way though!