Thursday, February 18, 2010

starting to get spring fever

greenhouse glass washed inside and out, so you can see right through now! it was a warm enough day yesterday to get this done, I think its still a bit cold to start planting but I'll probably start fairly soon. my seed order has arrived and the garden plan made.
and the snowdrops are out, they tend to be closed tight in the freezing mornings and open out a bit as the day goes on. its forecast to be really cold this weekend.
the underneath view of a double snowdrop, very pretty.
the helleborus are still not fully open, pretty to look at the undeneath though, like the snowdrops.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Equine Market Watch

here is Abbey having her Equissage. I think she is a lucky pony, she did her stint as a showjumper and then I was allowed to buy her, for not very much really, on the promise of a good home for life. Her previous owners have their own farm so it would have been no problem for them to allow her to live out her life there, probably another 20 years or so!! She does not have the best feet, hence the need to stop showjumping...I am addressing this with being barefoot, good care and not very much work really...we 'dolly about' a lot.

this post is not about Abbey, it might be about a pony who didn't have such nice owners, she could have been sold at market, not entirely sound...these ponys and horses don't end up in good homes, its a downwards spiral. It doesn't end in a nice way.


They are a small charity looking after a number of rescued horses, its been a harsh winter and they are stuggling. EMW Charity News is desperately appealing for help with funding, hay supplies, feed, vehicles to help transport hay and feed to horses in the field, and to help with transport in rescue cases.

I don't know what to say. I don't have any money to help them. I am working two jobs to keep house and pony as it is, it reduces me to tears to think they may not be able to continue with their work. There is a lot of strife in this world, lots of charities dependant. Its hard.

P.S. if you're able could you put a link on your blog for fundraising to let as many people know as possible. thankyou.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

goodbye old friend

picture taken at the caravan garden in 2004.May supervises my weeding
my gardening friend May died this morning, she's not been well for a long time. she was a very big source of my gardening knowlege and a big donator of some beautiful plants. she'll be able to watch me weeding from her gardening heaven now. I wrote of her before in this previous post on May's gardens

Sunday, February 07, 2010

nearly snowdrops!

slowly, slowly the snowdrops start to peep out, there are some up at the farm in flower already-in a sheltered bit of woodland.
the catkins come out on the twisted hazel.