Tuesday, September 22, 2009

winter coats..

here's Abbey with her latest wardrobe aquisitions... gearing up for winter...she is still living out without any rugs on, and growing her winter beard and shaggy coat. some of the older horses are wearing light rain sheets to keep them dry and warm. when Abbey is stabled for the winter she will be rugged with waterproofs for the day and warm for nights.
these two rugs have been purchased from a very nice lady on e-bay, who very kindly sent along a third rug too, very generous! and much appreciated! its an expensive business getting everything together.


Michael said...

Glad to get this update on life on your side of the pond! It's getting nippy here as well, but I'm still getting a few paddles in between the frost patches... LOL


clairesgarden said...

Michael, we've not had any frost yet...plenty of rain though so the rivers and lochs are high....miss the paddling a bit but Abbey fills the gap nicely.

Kerri said...

I see you've been preoccupied with Abby this summer, and not spending a lot of time in the garden.
I'm sure you've both enjoyed yourselves :)
We had very few tomatoes, and the veggie garden was a bit of a bust due to the cool, wet weather, but we did have some good fresh veggies.
No zucchini though. Can you imagine?! The vines yellowed and died off before setting fruit.
Fall has arrived much too soon. I'm wishing for a much longer summer.
Cold, wet and windy here today. Good for blog visiting though :)

Gary said...

Lovey rugs...even more lovely Abbie.

Glad you're enjoying her so much.

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Yes, those things are costly, for sure. When we had horses we never used them except occasionally after a ride if the horses were too hot. After a short cool down the blanket was removed and the horses turned out again. They always lived free in the fields. Interesting to see the different ways of doing things in different areas of the world.

clairesgarden said...

Kerri, it must be bad if the zucchini fail!! yes I am neglecting lot of things to play with Abbey!!
Gary, thankyou, I think she is lovely too!!
Alice, its very traditional here to rug horses in the winter, thats Abbey got rugs on now all the time even though she is still living out. into the stable at night time in a couple of weeks.