Monday, September 21, 2009

garden winds down for autumn

hmm, a much neglected 'long border', its looked better!! it had very little done to it last year due to the weather and this year was just about totally neglected. there has been a couple of attacks on invading weeds and not much else, the path is growing its own greenery too now!!

the leaves start to turn their fabulous autumn colours

a bright spot provided by...the name escapes me.... I've another one in yellow and its not obvious what they are. perhaps my brain cells are winding down for autumn too...

gladioli, stunning! but only one flowering stalk this year.

some winter fare still growing, the weather is turning a wee bit colder so this will be cut off and it'll go into the greenhouse to ripen off hopefully,

pot of pumpkin soup no.2!!

this year has provided more tomatoes than I've ever had before, just hope there will be enough warmth to ripen them off a bit more. some of them have been bitter, which may be the long cold time they have had this summer. one of my neighbors has been very helpful in opening and closing up the greenhouse to stop it getting too hot or cold if I've not been in.

and further proof of garden neglect! this cold frame ought not to be sheltering such a fine crop of weeds!!!!


greenlung said...

Hi - Well done on the pumpkins ! You congratulated me on mine a while ago, but this year I didn't manage to even grow one : (

Lots of tomatoes and other veg though.

I like the puss cat - looks similar to the one at my allotment.

bonnie said...

I've been neglecting my garden too. Too much work, which is better than not enough, but still, not much time for trips to the club.

Still, the tomatoes that I never thought would come through this summer are coming through now!

Nice to see Abbie again too. How's the Quantum Savvy coming along?

clairesgarden said...

Greenlung, the pumpkins survived the weather better than I thought, its been way too cool this year. great you've managed to get lots of other veg on your allotment...every home and allotment should have a cat!
Bonnie, excellent job with the tomatoes!! lots of work to propare ground and soil pays off then, then things can be 'left' to grow, just a well it works I've had no time here at all. having to work gets in my way too!! Quantum Savvy , we have passed level one and started working on level 2 which is huge, lots to do and lots to cover. thinking about getting some tests done but not today as its raining and I don't want my camera wet!!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

even at this time of year your garden is beautiful, Claire.