Tuesday, July 14, 2009

after some neglect....

its nice to have some veg coming in from the garden now, after a late start and some neglect! mostly everything is now weeded. I had to resort to weedkiller on the brick path as it was slowly dissapearing. it looks good now so hopefully will stay that way for a good long while.
bee! a lucky shot as it was on the 'cow parsley' as I pointed the camera, it must have just taken off.


Anonymous said...

good night sunshine bonnie

francesca and ivan

tlchang said...

What a great bee shot. I hear you re: the garden neglect. I weed a bit between drawing stints, but mostly just try to stay ahead of the ripening berries of all sorts...

Anonymous said...

Your Bee Photo is a winner!

Love those veggies too.
I got a late start myself
but have enjoyed beet tops!
Beets are next.

clairesgarden said...

Francesca, love to you!!xx
Tara, its something I feel a wee bit guilty about, but then I shake that off and go to see Abbey.....
Becky, its a fluke! but one I'm very pleased with. beet tops are great in salad and soups, i sometimes cook turnip tops in soup too, or use them steamed like spinach.

Kerri said...

Hello Claire! I see you've been enjoying time with Abbey, and that's good! Weeding is like housework...it'll still be there to do later. Too bad we can't wave a magic wand :)
Those fresh veggies look delicious. We had beans and sweet corn from the garden tonight. Yum!
The bad news is, our tomatoes have late blight, which is running rampant throughout the northeast. For the first time I won't have tomatoes to can (bottle). I'm eating some cherry toms but that plant has succumbed now as well, so that will finish soon.
Our veggie garden is mostly a sad, soggy, weedy mess. It's been a cool, wet spring and summer.
Your poppies are gorgeous!
Great bee shot. I love those 'lucky' shots :)
Happy summer to you!

Shakespeare's Cousin said...

The veggies look yummy, even with neglect. I have a great respect for your bee shot. I spent the better part of an hour once trying to take a picture of a bumble bee hovering on a crepe myrtle bush. They are NOT cooperative subjects.