Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mastercard and Eden Project Big Lunch Timelapse



Wildside said...

Filling another insomniac moment, thanks!

I like your new profile photo too.

Anonymous said...

Hi im from The Big Lunchers Eden project...Please Kindly post this to your group wall on facebook....

Hello Big Lunchers!

We at The Big Lunch hope your preparations are on-track for Sunday
(don't be put off by the changeable weather). Remember, you're not
alone, but part of a humungous gathering the likes we've not seen in
this country for three decades!

Whatever you've got planned for the day, please, please charge your
cameras and mobile phones! We would love to see how your Big Lunch
went, so here are a few tips for capturing what we know will be a fun
day for prosperity!!


If you have any questions, do drop us a line: thebiglunch@freshnetworks.com

Good Luck & Have Fun on Sunday!