Wednesday, April 29, 2009

busy days

I love the centre of the primrose
just the ideal subject for 'macro lens'
here is the 'cowslip' primrose. I grew these from seed and they've taken about two to three years to flower, one of those that you forget about and get a nice surprise when they turn up.
and a paler version. not long lasting but special when they are here.
I had a really busy day, house cleaning being the least popular but essential. much nicer time going to see Abbey. manged to fit in cutting the grass, some weeding and potting on in the greenhouse. as usual too many of some things but its nice to keep them growing and find other homes for them. also did some splitting of plants for sharing, easy things like Ladys Mantle, London Pride, some Foxgloves and some Aquilegia....I have a destination in mind for them already, a friends garden in need of some filling of spaces.


gfid said...

i came by, with my afternoon cuppa joe, desperate for a peek at spring. you didn't let me down! (happy sigh) there are a few blades of green grass here now, and the buds on the shrubs are beginning to swell. getting ready to pop and turn the world green. it's a very late spring, even for here. only about +5C today.

Wildside said...

Ah, I like sound of that -- friends gardens with a touch of Claire!

Good job on it all today.

clairesgarden said...

GF, you deserve your coffe break! glad to have provided a small 'happy' for you!
Wildside, I love that the plants are so generous to grow and split and share now. that is how most of my garden came into being!

Wildside said...

Hey, Claire, hope you are having a good day gardening there!

Come back if you like and share more of your creative/useful ideas!

Gary said...

How lovely Claire! Hope you are well in your little corner of this paradise.

tlchang said...

Lovely blooms!

I have yet to get lady's mantle to grow (from seed at least) here. Am getting desperate enough to go pay for starts. Should it be so difficult/finicky to start myself?