Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this morning

the onions are growing happily in the greenhouse, hopefully get them outside into a cold frame to start hardening off. the weather here is warming up and cooling down with startling unpredictability so I'm taking my time with the garden, and waiting longer than I might to get things started...or thats an excuse...I am more often to be out playing with Abbey...
the rhubarb starts to unfurl itself, I love to see things growing....
and these are the leaves of the blue poppy, I was worried it might not come back but here it is, unattended and quietly appearingthe hellebores are giving a good show, nodding their heads down to hide
such a dark colour this one, I have to split this plant this year as I have a friend who really loves this, they don't like being disturbed so it may not flower next year after I have done this. it'll recover!
soooooo pretty!
and this smaller one has doen really well this year, it might outgrow its space by next year.
and the daffodills! I love daffodils!!
this afternoon I am off to move Abbey to a new stables. it wasn't my intention to move and move again but an opportunity has come up to go to a really nice place. I used to work there 20 years ago, for different people who had it then, but it feels to me like 'going home'. poor Abbey, to her it will probably feel like 'where am I? why am I here?' . . . she'll settle.


Wildside said...

Surprised to see that your garden growth is so much further along than mine, but think your excuse is a good one. I am using it here as well as it is a very cool Spring.

Good luck with Abbey's new home. That sounds great! To revisit old haunts with pleasant memories for you, I hope!

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, thats Abbey moved, hope she gets on with her new neighbors!

gfid said...

i'm tempted to board up all my windows till my out of doors looks like your out of doors. gorgeous, all it.... and the daffs!!!! happy housewarming to Abbey. think of all the lovely treats you can take her from your garden!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Your a lot father a long them I/
It actual snowed and hailed today.

Coffee is on.