Sunday, June 26, 2016

re-posting garden flowers, from June 25th 2008.

these pretty little flowers are from a sempervivum, a house leek. it lives in the greenhouse and seems to quite like it.
I took several photographs to try to show the bees in the foxglove flowers but this is the only one that shows, its very dark inside a foxglove flower and the bees can dissapear totaly out of sight!
and just look at all the flowers on the broad beans! I imagine every one turning into a lovely pod of beans. everything in the veggy garden seems very behind, some folks seem to already be harvesting these. I am getting great lots of lettuce, some nice baby onions and have had one teeny baby courgette.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wonderful job on the foxglove, Claire -- I am now seeing my own forest of them in a whole new light! (Not that I minded them, before -- but nice to think they are providing some benefit to the critter folk!)

gfid said...

great pic of the bee miner. he needs a soundtrack in B Minor!!!

your garden is always so lush and healthy. once again, i've thoroughly enjoyed my morning 'stroll' over the day's first cuppa.

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, the bees here seem to love the foxgloves, the self-seeded forest of them! I have pulled a few out but find it difficult as they are so pretty
GF, music to drink pollen by.... raise my cup of tea to you!

tlchang said...

What *is* a house leek? (as opposed to a garden leek?)

Gary said...

Very beautiful Claire!

peppylady (Dora) said...

great picture once again.
How many plants do you have?

I'm hoping Sunday that I'll have some picture for "Green Thumb Sunday"

clairesgarden said...

Tara, a houseleek is a name used here for sempervivums. dunno why!
Gary, thankyou!
Dora, I don't have any idea how many plants, or even different kinds of plants. theres a thought for a quiet day when i've nothing to do.....count em!!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Sure is pretty flowers
Coffee is on

WILDSIDE said...
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