Wednesday, February 13, 2008

spring! flowers!

Iris Harmony, some more to be seen growing at Wildside
the snowdrops have come up round the purple helbore which is pleasing
and the underside of the helbore
anther hellebore, so pretty, please excus my grubby fingers. .
and I've made a start in the greenhouse with some of the seeds that arrived last week. two types of onions, Walla Walla and Red Baron. and some bunching onions to use in salads as they grow.


Anonymous said...

These are all so beautiful, Claire. It will be some time yet before we start to see flowers growing here. However, it is getting closer each day, lol. The snow is melting away now.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh! I think yours are prettier. --Wildside

kate said...

I love those Hellebores, especially the deep purple one. What a beautiful colour, especially at this time of year!

It's good to see that you've got your seeds started ... your greenhouse is looking sparkling clean too!

clairesgarden said...

Alice, hope you're travelling safely in all that snow!
Wildside, I must get mine out in the garden like you have, they've been in that pot for a couple of years now and only the one is flowering.
Kate, that particular hellebore is a 50p bargain, it took a long time to flower and sulks if you dig round it. worth pandering to!!

gfid said...

oh, Claire, this makes up for having to be at the office at the cruel hour of 6:30 this morning... not a usual occurrence, but needful today.... i'm now having my morning coffee, imagining i'm in your greenhouse, looking out over the hellebores and snowdrops in your garden. thanks for a lovely start to Valentine's Day.

Katarina said...

Such nice pictures of lovely flowers! The hellebores are beautiful - I wish I had both! /Katarina

Lowa said...

These are gorgeous!

I may have to start a wee garden. You always inspire me and I adore coming and seeing all your lovlies, but I am too lazy or something...don't have a green thumb, for sure!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Nothing like that here. I just order a few flower seed but there plenty of snow still on the ground.

Gary said...

You are such a find photographer Claire... not to mention gardener.

Did I tell you I won a beautiful canoe in a raffle? And me living on Kootenay Lake now - it's a dream.

Pepette said...

Just discovered your blog so I thought I'd say hello! And how beautiful are these flowers !

Kerri said...

I'm green with envy over your snowdrops and hellebores. Lucky you! That iris is a gorgeous blue!
What in the world is Walla Walla? It sounds like the name of a place in Australia. They have a place called Wagga Wagga :)
Good girl getting your seeds started.

clairesgarden said...

Grannyfiddler, glad your valentines started out with some flowers then!
Katerina, you'll have to look out for bargains, sometimes the hellbores can be quite expensive.
Lowa, I'm sure you could manage some pots of flowers?
Dora, sure am glad we don't get such deep snow here.
Gary, wait till the nicer weather , i'll send Deb and Peter along and you take them out for a paddle.
Pepette, helo to you, thanks for visiting.
Kerri, Walla Walla is in Washington, USA.