Saturday, January 12, 2008


its my job on a Saturday to take this big poopy mess and turn it into . . .
this, you can eat your dinner off the floor. . . . then I repeat this another six times. . .
this is Ollie, those photos were his stable.
this is Snowy, who is the childrens pony and field companion to the bigger horses. he is white when washed.
this is Vera, very beautiful, a bit moody, and her stable was even worse than her friends'!
and this heap is Smokey and Phoenix, out of focus as they are on top of the hay-stack and my camera hasn't really picked them up in the available light. kittens are the biggest distraction when you are trying to work.


Wildside said...

Oh, there the kitties are!

One of my favorite things in being in a barn are trying to find the stash of kittens mewing, hidden in the hay! (Of course, this is a distant memory for me now...)

And good work, Claire!

Unknown said...

Kittens and cats are big distractions at all times...none of ours have yet tried wiping the harddrive on any of our computers, and I didn't tell them that Tansy had done so. Just in case Mungus gets ideas. He's been very naughty today, but was disappointed when he escaped to the barn and found the windows were shut.
Nice barn, Claire, and wow what a great job. Isn't it funny how some horses are neat in their stalls and others are equine-piggies?

bonnie said...

The pony is adorable.

the kittens remind me of visiting Canoe-Buildin' Uncle & Auntie K when I was little - they had a big old barn & like Wildside, I have fond memories of climbing up on the stored hay-bales to find the kittens and play with them.

Wonderful way to while away a rainy day.

Actually that's not such an old memory, though, I was out there just a couple of years ago (think that's when my profile picture was taken, actually) and even in my late thirties, I was still out in the barn looking for kittens.

The litter that I found was a little older & pretty shy, but curious, and after a while I was able to lure them out to play - think I found a peacock feather that I was twitching around near where I could see little faces peeking out, and eventually they couldn't resist.

There was one that I really wanted to bring home with me, she was so cute, but I just can't bring myself to have an animal in Brooklyn.

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, its hard to get the kittens still for a photo, they run about so much ususally.
Jodi, there were a couple of stables a bit better thatn that, and a couple slightly worse. . .I think they have parties. . .
Bonnie, its hard to resist them, I had 'indoor' cats for a while, they seem ok with it.

Lowa said...

Wow, you can muck out a stall!! Do you clean houses that well?? Maybe I can fly you over here?? LOL

The horses are gorgeous. Just stunning. What an amazing mammal. Those kitties aren't too shabby either! PRECIOUS!

clairesgarden said...

Lowa, em.. my house is a complete mess!

Anonymous said...

The horses pen looked great when you'd cleaned out all the muck. I can sympathise with this job!
The kittens are cute too.
Sara from farmingfriends

Kerri said...

I see you're 'having fun' with your new friends Claire :) Those are beautiful horses, and I'm sure they're very thankful for the excellent cleaning job you've done for them!
Nice bonus the kitties are :)

Matron said...

Those are beautiful horses, and they give you all that lovely muck for the garden. Excellent!