Monday, May 28, 2007

lichens and lupins

damp woodlands with things growing, also available in Canada!!

lupins grow wild
not identified


Anonymous said...

Amazing photography as always. are thes plants, flowers and lichen from Canada or Scotland?
Sara from farmingfriends in Yorkshire

Anonymous said...

So nice, so moist! Great photos!!

kate said...

Those lichens are so cool. Seeing wild lupins would be a treat - I think the bottom flower is a pulsatilla or anemone of some sort.

You take incredible photos!

Granny said...

So glad you're enjoying yourself.

clairesgarden said...

Sara, these are all just outside my friends house in Nelson, Canada.
Becky, amazingly cool out of the hot sun!
kate, the bottom leaf does look like a pulsatia, i haven't looked up the flower yet,
Granny, enjoy myself? crawling around in the undergrowth? ha, yipee!!

Kati said...

Loved the pictures of the mosses and lichens. I'm still wistfully dreaming of better zoom-in capabilities.