Tuesday, May 29, 2007

holiday snapshots

view from the plane, over Greenland, flying to Calgary
stop for coffee on the way from Calgary to Nelson
nice house, fabulous view, coffee provided
comfy seats, couldnt quite squeeze this in my suitcase to bring home. . .
lake Kootenay from Nelson
somewhere on the road from Nelson to Portland, Oregon (route 385)
Deborah Ann, with two of her grandchildren, Portland
the view from the Greyhound bus as I escape from the grandchildren . . . .
friends kindly having me for a visit, I could look and look at this view forever. . .
beautiful gardens to dream in
adventures on the high seas
stop for lunch
Bob cat
feryy to Anderson island
scottish cows! Belted Galloway.
bannana slug
space ship on a stick (loved it, had lunch!!)
Ty cat
on the road back to Canada
meeting Alice and Reba in Nelson,
small plane from Castlegar to Calgary
large plane to Scotland
can just see Scotland, home, tired, jet lagged!!


peppylady (Dora) said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Nelson. I haven't yet seen in wild lupine yet in bloom.
My Aunt gave me some lupine which is about to bloom.

Kati said...

Welcome home. I looks like you had a very nice trip. I hope you post some more pictures and details. We want details!

kate said...

Claire - you covered a lot of territory. I loved the shot over Greenland. There's something pretty special about the Rockies ... and you were in Castlegar! There is a fiddle camp held there - my fiddle group learned a song, entitled Castlegar Moon. That was a little plane ...from Castelgar to Calgary.

I hope you'll post more photos!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing. Looks like a fabulous holiday.
Sara from farmingfriends

clairesgarden said...

Peppylady, Nelson was a nice place, too mcuh travelling for the rest of it though!
kati, glad to be home, not sure there are many more details to give, too much of highwasys and
gas stations. . .
Kate, I'll tell Deb to look out for the fiddle group, she's very musical.
Sara, enjoyed te hliday and the sights and people, I'm just not good at travelling.

grannyfiddler said...

welcome home, weary traveller! i'm sure your garden and your cats are as delighted to have you back as you are to be home. tea in the garden?

that photo journal is a real life-in-a-nutshell! and, as always, and as has already been well said, your photos are stunning.

the weather in Alberta has finally turned to spring... very sad that only cold weather showed up to greet you when you were here. but it appears that wasn't the case everywhere you went.

hope you can relax and take time to settle your roots back into your own earth now that you're home.

lilymarlene said...

Those trumpet like green plants look interesting.....are they ferns?

clairesgarden said...

Grannyfiddler, more like some wine to drink in the garden!! it was warm in Nelson and cold in Calgary when I left Canada on Friday, a lot of difference!
Lilymarlene, do you mean in the previous post? thats a close up od a lichen flower, its about a half inch tall in real life.

grannyfiddler said...

a toast to you, then. i'll take white wine, not too dry.

Nabeel said...

wow, the size of that tire .. dangg .. loved the lake picture .. looks soo serene.

clairesgarden said...

Grannyfiddler, here's to you too!
Nabell, its the 'biggest' lorry for carrying coal, I imaging the ineer tyre would make a good raft.

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Great photo journal, Claire. It is rare (extremely) that I actually like a photo of me, however, I like this one of me & Reba. I hope you don't mind, I downloaded it and will post it on my blog. :o)

Matron said...

Please make sure that banana slug did not make it back in your luggage! We have trouble enough over here without foreign, exotic invaders! Great photos!

Kerri said...

I looked at these photos when you posted them Claire, but I don't see a comment...must've been on the run. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
Nice to see a Belted Galloway so far from bonnie Scotland :)