Tuesday, April 10, 2007



kate said...

The Fritillary photos are exquisite. Your blog is a lovely respite from my snow-covered garden.

Thank you...

lilymarlene said...

Lovely flowers, lovely photos!

clairesgarden said...

Kate, you're welcome! we might still get some unpleasant weather here but no snow.
Lilymarlene, thankyou!

Jane said...

Snakeshead fritillaries are one of my favourite flowers and they seem to love Stirlingshire. My patch has begun to self sow and I have had to be very careful weeding around the grass like seedlings.

peppylady (Dora) said...

On your second flower I sure like the colored transparent look.

On Monday picture I've never heard of snowflakes but I've seen and heard of snowdrops

Kerri said...

I'm loving all your spring flowers Claire! Beautiful photos of your gardens and fritillarys are so unusual and very pretty. You've photographed them so well! Clever girl!
You have some unusual plants. I always enjoy seeing what's growing at your place :)

Adam Fletcher said...


I really enjoy reading your blog; I especially enjoyed reading your recent post ‘exotic vines’

Would you be interested in a link exchange with my website @ http://www.Vegetable-Gardens.co.uk?


clairesgarden said...

Jane, its taken a few years to get mine to grow at all, i think i was weeding the 'grass' out! then I very carefully marked where they were planted so I wouldn't do that!
Peppylady, the snowflake's proper name is here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leucojum like the fitillary its taken a few years to get them to settle in.
Kerri, the fritillary is not meant to be unusual, it used to be a common hedgerow plant, but as they will insist on riping up miles of hedgrow and mono-culture in the fields its one we dont see int he wild now.
Adam, thanks for visiting and glad you enjoyed my friends vine, i havent put any new links on since changing to beta-blogger and frustratingly losing all the ones I had, maybe its time to re-do them.

Adam Fletcher said...

Thanks Claire!

If and when you do decide to add the links a link to my site would be really appriciated :)