Wednesday, December 05, 2007

its time to get started.

in October 2005 I went on a Dolls House Holiday

on the first day you take some MDF
and just before lunch, Peter Alden holding the clock to prove it, you have made the main carcase of your dolls house.
add a few bricks
window details(very futery)
er, lots of windows, I think this is about 10pm on the fourth day.
time to make a fireplace on the last day
everybody working very hard
and the house is finished!! just like that. . . .

however its now been at home for two years and is still awaiting decorating and lighting. I am going to install a table in the living room so I can get to work on it, definately a good winter project.


Wildside said...

We all need some good winter therapy, don't we?!

Jim said...

Cool Doll House!

One of my favorite Christmas memories is of the year I bought a big Doll House Kit and built it at my neighbors house as a surprise for out daughter, Jamie, when she was about 7 or 8 years old.

She loved her Doll House, which we still have in a closet somewhere.

I sometimes think of dragging it out and restoring it, but I'll wait for an appropriate time.

There's sure no room for it in this house anymore...

Gary said...

It's beautiful. Put in near a beach and I'll move in!

Kerri said...

A lovely project Claire, and you did a great job. Have fun with it this winter. Looks like just the ticket to pass the cooler months.
Futery? New word to me :)

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, i'll do it with bright lights to help the SAD and a glass of wine for artisitc inspiration.
Jim, theres always room for a dolls house. i didn't have one as a child so I'm just making up for it now.
Gary, its a dream house, where's your dream shore?
Kerri, it might by futtery, a verb as in 'stop futtering with that' usually directed at kids, to futer is to fiddle, mess with. it was fiddley cutting out the wee bits.

Terri said...

Oh! But this is exactly what I have asked Santa for for Christmas! It's wonderful! Lucky you!
God bless.

clairesgarden said...

Terri, theres an even bigger list for santa for things to go in it!

Lowa said...

Wow,that is AMAZING! You do the neatest things, Claire!