Sunday, June 14, 2020

Canon Camera

My gardening and kayaking friend Fiona has gifted me a second hand camera, its the same as the first good digital that I had, a Canon S2IS, so here we go .... close up Calendula
 and orange too. these have come up from wildflower seeds sown last year.
 this little viola has seeded itself into the edge of the 'lawn', so I have to mow around it, this is one of the reasons I can't pay to have someone cut my grass for me, they would cut it down....
 Mahonia berries. I think these are edible?
 Wildside's tomatoes, this is the first one, about the size of a thumbnail today.
and another bed planted up... the middle one, with broad beans, sugarsnap peas, peas, asparagus peas, and some marigolds and a couple of begonias, also what was left of the lettuce in the greenhouse, past their best but lettuce can have lovely flowers so they've been given the chance to do that in a corner, if they survive the slugs.....
I've used branches cut from the twisted hazel , over the peas, for them to grow through. 
the bed on the left has done well , I think most things that were planted have survived, you can see the brocolli escaping the fleece, its  not good quality and has been shredding in the wind, but its done its job of protecting the new planting and keeping the cats off.. I'll leave it on a bit longer.


WILDSIDE said...

Claire, Your tomatoes are much further along than mine are now. I hope they do well for you. I am only just now getting my first blooms. But my roses and other flowers are finally in bloom too! It's an overgrown jungle and very cheery and because of it we are being adopted by a doe and her itty bitty fawn. So YAY!

Love seeing the pictures of your garden! Thanks for sharing.

WILDSIDE said...

And a thank you to Fiona.