Friday, February 07, 2020

greenhouse clean

Spent a couple of days this week moving stuff in the greenhouse to start sweeping and cleaning, lots of snails - pinged them out into the garden and hope the birds get them.
tipped out the shelves so I can wash them with soapy water... this large spider, at least one other a similar size.. and lots of little ones... eeeeeek, again off into the garden with them and hope they make a meal for a bird or two
Looking better, the back half of the green house swept and tidied. so I feel like I've done something useful this week (its only taken me since last April to get myself going ).  I also cut the grass today, a bit strange to be cutting grass in February, it didn't get an end of year cut due to the weather  being so bad, and the weather has been off and on mild so its kept growing !! Glad to have it looking a bit tidier after today.
I'm not sure when any seed planting will take place, I've yet to organise  seed trays and compost. I do have plenty of seeds now though, will make a list of those and make that another post.
I'm back to work on Monday though so , yet again, I'll have little time and be tired out. Hey ho, life.

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WILDSIDE said...

looks good!