Friday, August 23, 2019

crop !!

one little ripe cherry tomato. very tasty.
it has about six friends waiting to ripen, poor neglected tomato plants.
the greenhouse is still a mess. the garden is .. one thing at a time... might take years to sort.
I did not build the garden in a day... I cannot fix it in a day either.
hey ho
edited to add.... Permaculture... Obtain A Yield..... well I did. lol


susan said...

Nicely done, my friend! I'm sure you've enjoyed each tiny juicy bite.

clairesgarden said...

one bite. lol. gone, very yummy. still waiting for the rest to ripen. picked up a load of old glass yesterday , so hopefully some of it can help restore the greenhouse, nasty stuff, I would like perspex but never see any second free... hope you are well. xx