Thursday, July 11, 2019

in the greenhouse

 I took some stinky carpet off to the dump.. and managed to snag these sparkly stars out from the dumpster..... just the thing for the greenhouse
the tomtatoes are needing tied up..they're a bit neglected...  I had some little metal posts but no string... a hunt in the house produced a couple of feet of parcel wrapping ribbon in gold, so the theme is sparkly... ha. 

I started cutting the hedge, its so overgrown, between the hedge trimmer and a pair of loppers I got about eight feet along... now I've run out of space to put the cuttings so need to wait till the current ones are away.. so it goes slowly... hey ho.
I've a second hand wardrobe and drawers coming today, they'll have to sit in a room with no carpet for now. I've not chosen curtains or paint for that room yet, just have to add looking at carpets too.


WILDSIDE said...

"a hunt in the house produced a couple of feet of parcel wrapping ribbon in gold, so the theme is sparkly... ha. "

This has happened here as well... I don't mind, I thought it might also work additionally as deer & bird scare away from fruit trees? BUT! Just hope neighbors don't come over to snoop! As I don't think they'd be into that kind of thing at all... Tho' we did once joke about them leaving their car stuck as it was inside my chicken coop when it came clamouring down the hill and I told them I was "creative, but not that creative..." So tow-truck was called. Just glad the coop was there -- otherwise their car would have been inside my bedroom and how easy is it to sleep with that on top of all else?! LOL

I wish I could find that radiolab podcast I spoke of in the last comment. It was very interesting... About a young woman who had no love life because her job was as a wildlife officer and all sorts of stinky things. And then why they added scent and made their commercials to attract a different sort... It convinced me to buy this product as a first/last resort to help control old lady urine odors and any cat odors that might appear -- I think you might know of what I speak? So this might help you. My bottle of Febreeze is unscented "nature scent" and approved for those with allergic reactions to most such products out there. Fortunately, this current cat needs no such sort of attention -- as yet... Knock on wood.

clairesgarden said...

whatever type of string is used , or decoration.. who cares what the neighbors think, if they don't like it they can look away.
do your own thing.

WILDSIDE said...

But I wish they but would?! LOL

These days I am mostly 100% keeping to myself but for necessities -- yet need to do an even better job of it, I guess. I'll keep working on it.

Take care there, Claire Wish the best --

WILDSIDE said...

Sorry, off day... As you might know I have many.
But still, wish you the best.

WILDSIDE said...

By "off", I mean "out of sorts" -- caring for my mother 24/7 -- off days -- yes, I do get out of sorts by all that goes awry! Despite trying hard not to be that person.

Febreeze is what we are currently using to control odors and I thank my kitty for not contributing to the problem. While at the store yesterday, I looked did not see the unscented variety available on the shelves... And not willing to try scented. That would make for an off day for certain... (OH MUST STOP HERE! LOL)

clairesgarden said...

caring for others is very tiring. so i'm glad you can find the time to pop in with comments for me. i'll email. xx

gfid said...

What a treat to see you back in your garden, planting in the greenhouse, making improvements on the wear and tear on the house. You've inspired me to put something up on my blog. How many years has it been? even the random post about the puppetry program was a couple of years ago.

clairesgarden said...

GF I'm not so regular as 'the olden days' . but i like to keep the diary going a bit.
I'm just tired all the time too, so not sure where my energy has gone.