Friday, December 21, 2018

car update

I did manage to sell the little Corsa the first weekend in December. very glad about that.. this Vectra is 17 yrs old .. its now developed a slight fuel problem and bunny hops as you drive... eeeek... coming up to Christmas week means there's no chance of getting it fixed till early January.
it was really bad on Sunday though I managed to get it to the farm and call out the AA rescue service who changed the spark plugs, its better but not cured. its also been to a local garage but no time to get it fixed. 
''luckily'' (??) I have driven old bangers most of my life so babying the car past a bit of bunnyhopping is almost second nature.. I know people who call out the rescue services for less... haha...

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WILDSIDE said...

Oh dear! But congrats on selling the other?