Monday, September 10, 2018

the MOP has been CROPPED

and its done. xx
 my friend is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. just so she doesn't feel alone.. my hair is gone too. I've been raising money with sponsorship and the link to that is in the post below. I'll try to copy it up here.
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WILDSIDE said...

Brave woman, Claire -- that was no mop! You are doing such a kindness for your friend -- so "bravo!" to you! BTW, you look good without all the hair too and, anyway, it ought to grow back. A nicely shaped head? (LOL -- sorry, just please take these awkward compliments...)

WILDSIDE said...
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clairesgarden said...

my ears have been cold all week. people outside and inside work very supportive. . be answering the other comment once I've thought it over. thankfully comments are coming into my inbox now. xx

WILDSIDE said...

Could muffs be the answer? I wear noise-cancelling headphones every night and must say, during Summer and even this time of year, my ears get pretty hot, but so that means I think they are helping keep me warmer in winter!

Thanks, Claire -- though "thankfully"? Not sure? I mean about all my crazy comments making it through! But, please do you know, I do consider you a friend? And look forward to what you have to say.

WILDSIDE said...

(Claire, with your new shorn hairdo, here is someone you look like! I find her gardening channel inspiring so sometimes pop in.)

Just so you know, I did try to start blogging again this week, and went at it on overkill, but in the end, know now it just will not work for me and my life anymore... I feel like putting a frowny face here, so will do: :-( [!] So you don't need to worry about blogging advice. I just thought you'd be one I ought to ask!