Sunday, March 11, 2018

snow to mud, cold

lots of snow. halted Scotland for four days... its all turned to mud now which Quince says is a much better thing...
I had booked a week off work, just as well as there would have been no getting there. I was meant to travel to visit friends but cancelled with the weather reports... we've re-arranged for a couple of days at  the end of the month.
the horses were out in the big field for the snow storm, with big round bales of hay and extra bins filled with water. there was no traveling to them either so they were left to the farm owner to check .
feelings are generally that winter is too long, too cold, and everyone is fed up.
the nights are getting lighter and hopefully it will warm up soon.


WILDSIDE said...

Claire, Thank you for the surprise of a card!
Hang in there -- Spring and its blooms are coming soon!

clairesgarden said...

glad you liked it. xx
still wet and cold here, but nights are getting lighter and thats always a good thing.