Saturday, September 23, 2017

ooops... bought a pony....

I have decided to retire Abbey from riding, she is 17 but has spooked violently all her life and its getting worse, I sometimes think she can't see properly but vets cannot give me any clue.
she is returning to the people I bought her from and they are retiring another welsh cob called Glen, 22, so she will be his companion.

and .... ooops... bought another one...
a horse I know from a few years ago, another welsh cob.. I do like them... Quince, she is 12 and we've been out a couple of walks together now so hope to start  getting out for some longer rides soon.
Abbey on the left and Quince on the right , picture from a few years ago. 


WILDSIDE said...

Lovely photo & such a wonderful story, Claire! I'll look forward to hearing more of you & Quince, but will you give updates on Abbey at her new home from time to time?

I don't have space for a horse, but I have a chicken, "Baby", big white bird, very mellow, very sweet, not a good layer at all, teeny-tiny eggs, otherwise a top hen all around. You'd like her! She is always very considerate & looking after others when they are in need. After 5 years, I've finally have it figured out why she isn't top hen as she well should be! It is because she is very near sighted. My current batch of hens are about to be retired, so they never need fear a thing -- as long as I don't let them out of their enclosure and nothing to do them harm gets in. (We have foxes, coyotes, eagles, hawks, weasels, possums, raccoon... Cats, neighbor's dogs, mountain lion... So lots of chicken predators about to worry about!)

Neighbor outside riding around on his ATV -- must go put noise cancelling headphones on now, before he does me in!

clairesgarden said...

i hate noise,,,, the farm is next to a motorway and yet i don't notice it when i'm there.. concentrating on what i'm doing.. though any videos taken of horses.. when you play then at home all you can hear is the traffic thundering past.
all hens are different, her eggs probably just as good.. i remember getting bantam eggs and having to have several at a time.
and will update on ponies as i can.

susan said...

You and Abbey have had some very good years together. I didn't know about her spooking problem but that sounds like a very sensible plan in having her retire to pasture with a friend. They make a sweet pair.

I'll be looking forward to seeing a picture of Quince.

UplayOnline said...

but will you give updates on Abbey at her new home from time to time?


clairesgarden said...

i will be updating on her.
and roth i see you commented on more than a few posts this morning, nice of you to visit, do you have a blog?