Monday, February 06, 2017

all my angels

 think all my angels were having a meeting?? there were more on the gravel leading up to the car too. I have a lot of angels, miss all of them
 moved some of the snowdrops from my garden to the farm for 'in memory of', this fat leaved snowdrop I think is 'cats whiskers', nice big flower with lots of green inside, they are for Eric, the farm's old dog.
and a wild type snowdrop with narrow silvery leaves, a gift early on in the garden from my friends dad, who has now passed on, so this brings him to  memory too. these are over Daisy and Smokey. I am a bit sad Tansy is not near them... but its only a body.. and she'll be remembered with them always, many blessings xx


WILDSIDE said...

Snowdrops already?! Or is this an old post -- but don't think so!
(I'm still impatiently waiting for them here.)
Yes, a nice planting spot is a good memorial.
Take care there, Claire.

clairesgarden said...

seems to be time for them here, see other places with them coming out too. I am pleased these flowered as I moved them in January from the garden to under the trees where pets are buried, and think planting advise for snowdrops is to move after they have flowered, they look okay anyway, and hope they come up next year again.

WILDSIDE said...

Claire, a little excitement from here today, so I thought I'd tell you. The snow melted and guess what was under it? I think you easily can! I only still have just one tiny clump by the chook enclosure. But nice to see a little pretty when everything else is uck!

clairesgarden said...

lovely!! xx

susan said...

It's lovely to see tiny spring flowers no matter what their variety. We're getting ready for a forecasted blizzard here. sigh..

Happy Spring to you and Abby!

clairesgarden said...

forecast snowy storm for tomorrow... think i'll leave Abbey in her stable tonight.

UplayOnline said...

a nice planting spot is a good memorial.