Thursday, December 22, 2016

solstice and holidays

I intended to update my christmas greetings... but I couldn't find batteries... eventually found some , then couldn't find lights... then found both , scraped mud off the pony and got camera ready.. then the lights didnt' work... oh well. ... maybe a new picture next year... many blessings xx
and I can't believe I forgot to update on Abbeys picture by Helen Wilson. its been mounted and framed. awesome awesome!!


WILDSIDE said...

Happy holidays to you too, Claire!

Your story -- isn't that how it always seems to go?! For me, anyway when it comes to taking any new photos.

Love this photo. You can use it again all you want!

WILDSIDE said...

Oh, glad I came back to see Abbeys portrait too... Wonderful!

susan said...

May you enjoy a fine new year, Claire.

Gary said...

May 2017 be a fine good year for you Claire.

UplayOnline said...

You can use it again all you want!