Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Goodby Smokey Tiptoes

from the top- Smokey, Daisy Tansy

I am suddenly cat-less. it was already organised that wee Daisy will live with my daughter, being 17 she is in good health but her mind is wandery now... she has periods of agitation, if it rains she isn't seeking shelter, and she's been sitting sunning herself on the road... lucky its quiet but neighbours were concerned. I am happy that she will be safely inside and spoilt for the rest of her life.   Tansy was put down last year, age 14 with a very large ''lump''. so I was just  having lovely Smokey, age 10...then Wednesday she was so ill, very not like her,  it was heart failure and she was put to sleep. looking back over a couple of weeks she's maybe not been herself.. but its hard to tell as she rarely got out of bed anyway, an outside farm cat who came to live with me when she was 2 years old... oh my how she loved to be a house cat, bed, sofa, dinner... what a life. she did go outside but was always first back in for the best sleeping spot. I didn't expect her to be gone so soon.


WILDSIDE said...

Oh, Claire -- so sorry! It's hard to so suddenly lose such a good friend who appreciated all the niceness you gave her. Thank you for sharing her with us... Take good care & make sure to do something nice for you.

WILDSIDE said...

Came back to see as they all look so cozy there in that photo. And in bed is where I want to be today!

susan said...

I'm sorry to hear you lost her at all - never mind so soon.

As Wildside said, take care of yourself.

Gary said...

That was a sad day Claire. What fortunate cats to have found you and yours as their human pets.