Saturday, April 26, 2014

spring coming?

this is Lark, photo a bit blurry, but you can make out the layer of horse hair all over the floor that I have just scrapped off her... spring coming and winter coat coming out. It was warm for a coupe of days so I took all the mares rugs off, but its gone a bit chilly again so I put Lark's back on as she is a bit finer,,., Abbey still out in the rain rugless bless her..


WILDSIDE said...

Looks and feels like Spring here today; everyone is happy about that! We're in between rainy patches right now; everything is coming up lush, thick & green. Hope to send some sunny weather your way!

susan said...

She's a beauty, isn't she? You've got to be pretty strong to do all that brushing. I've seen people at the park looking exhausted after brushing out their dogs. I guess the squirrels just rub up against trees.

Happy Springtime, Claire.

WILDSIDE said...

Back to rain now... Unable to sleep nights so with the internet been doing some exploring. I've been visiting an english garden blog and am so surprised how many months further along her veggie plants are than mine. Mine are miniscule and planted out under juice bottle cloche for any hope of survival!

Am wondering if our weather is like theirs as I've often been told, or more like yours?

Actually when I lived 250 miles further south everyone said we had exact same climate of west Germany...

Ought to look at the globe to see where Scotland lines up!

Have a good day there, Claire!

WILDSIDE said...

You haven't been to post in awhile. (The danger of the internet -- never satisfied -- we're left with wanting more!) Always hoping you are ok!

Hope you're having a good day, Claire!

WILDSIDE said...

I keep checking back in, hoping I hear from you! (Sorry!)