Saturday, June 11, 2011

hidden treasure

neglected, unwatered and forgotten in the corner of the greenhouse....and bearing fruit.

I ate them....very nice too!! I have since watered the poor strawberry plant and lifted it off the floor.

and this lovely clematis has flowered in one of the cold frames. it came out of the bargain pile at a local store last year, it looked very nearly dead. I think I might like to plant it beside my front door, there was always meant to be a climbing rose there but it declined to climb or even flower very much.


Zoe said... is where human does the route thing that is on my blog.
Zoe xxx

gfid said...

perhaps with an exhuberant clematis beside it, the reluctant climbing rose will take the hint? summer just beginning here, everything is gorgeously green.... finally. i'm still thawing from winter

clairesgarden said...

c2b, thanks for the link, its very interesting.
GF, I suspect the remaining rose is from the root stock and that the climber died off long ago....when they did the roofing of the house they laid their scaffolding directly on top of it...and never apologised.

HORIZON said...

I think it's wonderful when you can bring on those bargain buys- l bought a spider plant and aloe a few years back and have now so many of these growing from the parent plants. Good job on the clematis and yes, l think it would lovely beside the front door- our neighbour has done the same with his.
Yum on the strawberries too- mine are not as far along but did have lots of flowers a month ago ;) My tomatoes never make it into the kitchen, the same with the gooseberries too.
A rainy weekend ahead- just glad l worked out in the garden yesterday.
take care and enjoy your weekend xx

Gina Groom said...

In greek it's 'physis', in Chinese 'chi', in Japanese 'ki' - it's the force of life that keeps things growing against the odds. Your little strawberries had good 'ki'. I've just started akido classes, and am learning about ki, it's amazing!

PS have you ever planted YELLOW raspberries. The birds don't realise they are ripe, when they are ready to eat, so us humans actually get to eat some of them before the birds get them!

susan said...

I love tiny strawberries best of all and those look delicious. It's early summer here as well and everything is lush.

bonnie said...


Also very lush here. I almost lost my garden. Not to disease or bugs or anything - just left it alone a little too long. Went back after it last night & to paraphrase a movie title:

Dude, Where's My Garden?

clairesgarden said...

Horizon, I have spider plants and an aloe that reproduce gleefully...its nice to be able to gift them on.
Gina, I'm not sure I've seen the yellow raspberries, good idea though. I used to have ordinary ones but took them out.... am thinking of replanting as I really did like them.
Susan, too luxh, overgrown with weeds!!
Bonnie, yikes!! garden here needing weeding too!!