Friday, October 10, 2008

on a comfy seat

here's Katie, wearing the saddle I sold my kayak to buy... its treeless and fits virtually any horse/pony. so far its been on Katie, Robbie, Smokey and Duke.
its a Barefoot Cheyenne, used with a Grandeur Saddle pad. it has a fiberglass form over the pommel and the rest of it is mostly padded foam, soooooooooooooo comfy.
it can make a real difference to the horse too, Duke in particular is a 20yr old thorougbred, dancing about on his toes and making his new owners nervous. I sat on him for about 5 seconds and decided his saddle was hurting his back(yes he was trying to politely tell them this, considering what he could have done!!), so I put my saddle on him and rode him and he turned into a different horse, quiet, responsive and kind. his owners have just ordered him a Barefoot after seeing him ridden in it a few times, good!!


Anonymous said...

"(yes he was trying to politely tell them this, considering what he could have done!!)"

Good on you, Claire, for helping to relay the message!

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, they were just blaming the horse! bah humbug!! they did get in touch today to say his saddle arrived this morning and they were going to try it. hope he did good.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I don't believe I saw a saddle like that before.

Gary said...

Good insights into a world I know almost nothing about. Although I did go on trail rides with my daughter when she became horse-crazy at 12. I always looked for horses called Molasses or Old Jake or Noah... the ones you had to really push to get them to move :)

gfid said...

Do horses smile? if they do, i'd like to see Duke's face when he sees you coming. he's thinking "here comes that lovely lady who brings me the nicest things to wear".

i'm still grieving the loss of the kayak, though.... and hoping i might be able to get one next summer.

clairesgarden said...

Peppylady, they've been about for a few years but I've only known about them since I met Smokey, he's had one for a while.
Gary, the insight is they were blaming the horse for misbehaving and really it was their fault, the insight is to ask 'why'. I like those good trail horses, they have hearts of gold.
GF, most horses smile when they see me, I always take them polo-mints or horse treat, bribery!!
the kayak was being badly neglected and has now gone to a good home!!

Lowa said...

Wow, that saddle looks AMAZING! Did you research or how did you even hear about it?? I am sure all the horses will just love it. If I am ever permitted to have a horse, I will get him/her one of those!

I am sure Duke is thankful for you!

Kerri said...

Excellent thinking, Claire! I'm sure Duke thinks of you as his guardian angel now :)
The saddle sounds like a much more useful item for you, and the kayak will no doubt be put to good use.
Happy riding!