Saturday, May 13, 2006


water with 'texture'

I am going to contemplate the garden in my minds eye, but not necessarily do any gardening. I had to work this morning and I hate working a Saturday! I did post a while back about how I thought I had pulled a muscle in my belly button, well you may laugh! I have indeed pulled some obscure muscle/fascia connecting my hip/thigh/abdomen , sort of that area, and it is sore!! A kinesiology initiall reading(I have to get a full consultation still) indicates taking vitamin E, so I am. The chiropractors have manipulated me and advised using ice packs, so I am. On Tuesday I am going for this, honestly I am such a crock. . . but the chiropractor did say a day of gardening after an evening of kayaking and something about it being my own fault?

totally different subject, this is interesting.
Through choices private and public, our children’s future is in our hands

and Patty's My life and Times has this site too.


Granny said...

Sure hope something helps.

I don't comment often but I see all of your posts.

Just so many ways I can say beautiful so I lurk instead.


Annie said...

About your pain - consider you might have a hernia. Get it checked out.

clairesgarden said...

Granny, you are welcome to lurk, though it is so nice when you say hi.
Annie, I thought of that but the chiropractor I work for is fairly sure it isn't, if it doesn't respond to treatment I will go the doctor, who I like as a person but hate to visit!!

Wildside Musing said...

Claire, that water texture shot is fabulous! I can see my paddle hitting the water, so this coming week I will brave my excuses and get the boat out...

May your belly button heal quickly! (Never heard of straining a muscle there either, but did take my mom for hernia surgery [belly button] a few years back... It was in & out [one day at the hospital] so not so bad.)

madcapmum said...

You could look at cranio-fascial massage (I think that's what it's called). They work on the fascia that covers all the muscles, and I had great success with that for my back at one time. Accupunture does wonders, too.

That water is lovely. We're a very long way from the sea here on the land-locked prairie.

Sigrun said...

Claire, do you feel better today? I can also sing a song about chiropracticers!


Lowa said...

Claire the photo is gorgeous!

Hope you feel better very soon. We sure can have the most odd maladies, can't we???

MadcapMum-I grew up on the landlocked prairie and did not see the ocean until I was 17, and then it was just for a week long trip with my church singing group. Now I have a view of the Pacific right out my Living Room window. Kind of weird to me still!

Have a Happy MOther's Day, ladies!!

clairesgarden said...

Wildside, I hope you get the dust washed off your boat! I don't think its a hernia, just a pulled muscle.
Madcapmum, I am seeing Jane tomorrow for this
and I have had acupuncture but its a bit pricey. the sea is never far away in scotland,
Sigrun, it is okay till I try to lift something,
Lowa, it is a strange one, I didn't know I had a muscle there! and I hope your mothers day was good too.